What Is Smoke?

Do you know?  According to the CHICORA Foundation - it is: Smoke is basically fuel that didn't burn, made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon and other material. Complete combustion gives off light, heat, the gas carbon dioxide, … [Read more...]

Smoke Damage Needs A Professional

Just because the firefighters have left - doesn't mean the house is safe. There is still further destruction that can happen with it comes to the cleaning of smoke damage. The structure you are in will never be the same.  There is so much more to … [Read more...]

Plan of Attack – Water Beware

Water damage is a problem this time of year. That is why you are seeing such a focus on it in our topics!  We hope that you are finding our information helpful as that is what we are aiming for!  Knowing that there is so much more than comes with … [Read more...]