Top 500 Remodelers 2014: By Qualified Remodelers


This is a letter that we recently received and were absolutely honored once we read the content! On behalf of the entire staff at Qualified Remodeler, we congratulate you on being accepted into the 2014 Qualified Remodeler Top 500. The Top 500 … [Read more...]

24 Hour Emergency Service


Emergency Service. These are words no one really likes to use, but unfortunately we know of someone who has had to say them or even said it ourselves. It is one of the necessary evils of things that happen when owning property. This can be as a … [Read more...]

Blind Cleaning Commonly Asked Questions

DIY Home Repair

Here is the last of our commonly asked questions series! Blinds are something that we see everyday but may not notice how incredibly dirty they can get. Here are a couple questions we get asked when the subject does come up! Do I really need to … [Read more...]