Easy Luxury Additions

House Made of Tools

When Spring rolls around many people get hit with an urge to clean. Spring Cleaning can be great, but what if you don’t like what you’re cleaning? There are so many little things around the house that we don’t notice during the course of our normal … [Read more...]

Warm and Tight – 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient


Well, we thought spring had sprung! As it turns out Mother Nature had other plans for us and swept in another round of cold. With the gas electric companies constantly raising prices any cost cutting we can do without gong cold is welcome. We’ve put … [Read more...]

Safe and Sound – 5 Things to Check Over Spring Break


Spring has sprung students free of their classrooms and Mother Nature decided to join the fun! While the kids are home over the break it’s a great opportunity to check on some basic safety items around your home. It’s never too early for the next … [Read more...]